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This Renault Agriculture site has been set up to provide a resource for those who use Renault tractors (and subsequent Claas variants).

- it seeks to bring together owners and dealers who service and/or provide parts for Renault tractors, as well provide a forum for rapid sharing of information so that everyone can get the best from their Renault tractors.

Whilst dealers can obtain free exposure by submitting their details through the 'dealer' option above and posting items for sale in the 'Trading Place' section of the forums, it is also possible to purchase more direct advertising in the form of banners to appear at the side of pages on the site. This site serves a niche audience and garners a large amount of traffic searaching for Renault tractor parts.

Monthly banners (approximately the same size as appears at the side of this page) are available for very reasonable rates. A maximum of 5 will will appear on a random rotational basis in the desired spot. Please contact us to discuss further.

As the site develops, we hope to offer further sdvertising possibilities such as full forum sponsorship with an advert appearing at the top of each and every forum page on the site. We are open to considering differently shaped banners for placement in alternate locations, please contact us with your requirements. Additionally, we are open to negotiation on price and willing to discuss any particular requirements you may have.

As stated above, Renault receives a large number of unique visitors (and returns), with the vast majority arriving through specifically related searches - therefore, we can promise your advert will be directly visible to your target audience.

Register on the forums and join the Renault Agriculture community.

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