Adding brakes to trailer

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Adding brakes to trailer

Post by JR27 » Sun May 17, 2015 6:34 pm

Hi folks,

I recently bought a used (very ;) ) 8t tipping trailer. It has no brakes currently (happy days :D ), so I'm looking to add some.

It's a tandem with stub axles. The cheapest braked stub axles I can find are around the £230 mark. Does this seem reasonable? The other components aren't too bad price wise but still looking at another couple of hundred £s, so quite expensive all in :(

Has anyone else retro-fitted brakes to a trailer like this? How easy was it/what was the cost like? As well as making the trailer legal, I'd like the braking to be effective so that I don't wear out the tractor's brakes super fast...
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